Having a fit of bored nostalgia and watching Merlin pilot. This show is the epitome of adults are useless and their prison is the least secure thing ever. This show is so cute but so embarrassing. And ugh baby Merlin and Gwen run away together you do not need to let this shit make you miserable. At one point Gaius is like “You never cease to amaze me.” Yeah, in all 24 hours you have known him?

"How long have you been training to be a prat, my lord?" Yes, good.

But even though this show is so stupid I am so frustrated with the way this story started chasing its own tail. I have never seen the Lancelot du Lac episode or past it but even past s1 it kindof got weird like Merlin is defending the present regime because….? And we’re supposed to be against Morgana because? Like I get that it is bad she starts having no regard for innocent lives but that was under the influence of others and she initially fought against that idea.

Idk I like this stupid thing but I like more what s1 seemed to set up than what was.

Lol Slashshipper Dragon. And War Doctor >.<

But I can’t help liking it sigh.

So stupid.

"There must be another Arthur because this one is an idiot."

Idk I guess I like the reincarnated fated people thing.

And wow Morgana oblivious.  I thought you liked Gwen at this point.

Omg Gwen and Merlin run away you awkward adorable babies.

I also kind of like the completely anachronistic costumes and hair because if you are gonna just have a vague spirit of it then it seems better than trying really hard and failing anyway.

The Welsh singing is really pretty.  Gwen from Torchwod.

Also like they don’t seem to actually have any procedure or assigned duties. Wtf is the court physician doing at the party working with his ward?

But lol Uther yes sure this is appropriate.

Oh, Gaius you knew from the moment you met him he was a hero but he never ceases to amaze you with his stupidity. Mixed message parenting 101.